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7 Tips To Be A Great Leader.

Updated: Mar 18

Hi, everyone!

In this post I will be talking about 7 tips to be a great leader, so if you want to know how to become a great leader, or want to help someone find their path to leadership, keep reading this post and find out.

On the last post, we talked about the 7 main differences between a boss and a leader, and that for sure helped us understand what it means to be a boss, and what it means to be a leader, two very different things, and now that the difference and the true definition of each one is clear, it's time to get to the key points to have in mind when working to become a leader, so these are my 7 tips to be one.

NUMBER 1: Be Proactive.

Being proactive means taking responsibility for your life and actions rather than just watching how things happen, instead of letting things happen on their own, you gotta push things to where you want them to be, because you can’t expect life to just grow legs and walk by itself towards dreams, goals, and success, you gotta grab life, and carry it to where you want it to be, that is why the very first tip in order to be a leader in the eyes of others, you have to be a leader for yourself, and you can only achieve that by being responsible.

NUMBER 2: Be a “Team-Worker”.

As I said in the last post, one of the main differences between a boss and a leader, is that a boss works by himself and for himself, while a leader works with the team and for team, because if one wins, all of them win, and if one loses, everyone loses, like the three musketeers: “One for all, and all for one”.When we think about a team, the first thing that comes to our mind, is a big group of people, with different tasks, different goals that sum up in one common goal, but it can also be just a couple, lets think about a marriage, or a duet. There is always a common goal, for the marriage, to maintain love, trust, and mutual support, for a duet, to have an amazing performance and receive a standing ovation, but the fact that there is one common goal, does not mean that there aren’t any independent goals to achieve, that will lead to that final success, and the art of working in a team, is not to be able to work together for that common goal, but to work together to succeed in the independent ones with the help and support of the other, you can not race the final lap, if you don’t begin by racing the first one.

NUMBER 3: Be Positive.

We have always heard that our mind has power, enough power to change the course of our lives, but it does not really work like magic, its more of a mental thing. Think about this, when you sell something, before you get to the numbers, you have to make sure that whoever is buying your product loves that product enough to pay whatever you ask them for it, and your job is not to get the money for your wallet, but to get the love for the product, after all, if they don’t like what you sell, they will simply not buy, and your wallet will still be empty, so when you sell yourself the idea that things will be all right, that everything will get better, that you will succeed, that your dreams will come true, you are not doing magic, you are empowering and motivating yourself in order to reach that star that at some point simply seemed unreachable, because it doesn’t matter how good you want that path to success to be, if you don’t convince yourself in the first place that you can build that path whether is smooth or rough.

NUMBER 4: Be A Builder.

In order to be a great leader, it is necessity to be proactive, work in team, and be positive, but it will never be enough if you are not able to build confidence, trust, and courage. Confidence is extremely important, if the people who work with you are not confident on their abilities to get things done, and your abilities to lead them towards success, that success will never be reached, you also need to build trust, your people need to be able to trust you, they need to feel that they can count on you if they need you, feel that you will not take them down in order to get ahead, but that instead, you will take good care of them on the way, so that you can all get there together, but courage needs to be build as well, because the best things in life, are not the easy ones to get, but the ones who require hard work, effort, passion, patience and focus, so make sure that you are leading a courageous team, a team that will be strong enough to face the highs and lows of that long path to success, only then success will be reached.

NUMBER 5: Be Respectful.

As I was explaining on the last point, a leader must be a builder of confidence, trust, and courage, but no person will ever build anything without respect, that is why respect is one if not the most, important thing to have in order to be a great leader. If a manager, treats a subordinate with disrespect, constantly mining that person, humiliating them, yelling at them, and putting them in evidence in front of their coworkers, that subordinate will never be able to trust that manager, and will be everything but confident and courageous around their superior, so when you are talking to someone about a mistake that was made, make sure you do it in private, and without yelling, explaining the mistake, the consequences, and the proper and fair way to make it up, don’t preach to them about rules, and policies of the company, or the responsibilities of the job, or how many mistakes have been made already, but teach them those rules and policies, explain to them their responsibilities, and go over the mistakes they have made before, and tell them how they can learn from them to become better at whatever they are doing, that way you are not only making sure they don’t make the mistake again, but also encouraging them to keep learning and be a little better every day.

NUMBER 6: Be Focused.

Every day, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, CEO’s, General Managers, etc, go out golfing, or have lunch or maybe dinner at fancy restaurants, take a “business trip” to Hawaii, or Bahamas, with their colleagues, and leave their workers behind doing all the job, and that kind of attitude, responsibility, and focus will never take them to become great leaders, now, I’m not saying a vacation at least once a year is bad, or irresponsible, after all we all need to take good care of our mental health, and there is no better way to that, than taking a little break every once in a while from out jobs and responsibilities, but when that happens you need to make sure that before you go, everything is set, so that your absence doesn’t become a burden, or a way heavier weight on the shoulders of your workers, because if that happens, at your return, instead of finding a positive environment, you will find a worn-out bunch of workers, ready to get back home, and sleep, to wake up early in the morning for one more tiring and monotone day, you have to lead by example, and the best example you can give to your team is the example of a focused leader who is always ready to take any challenge, because they have their head 100% in the game.

NUMBER 7: Be Empathetic.

In order to lead a proactive, positive, confident, trustful, courageous, respectful, respected, and focused team, you need to be able to understand every single one of the member of your team, be able to stand in their shoes and see things the way they see them, be human like them, the fact that you have higher rank or title within the company, does not mean you are some kind of superior being, you are a person like every one of them, nothing more, nothing less, just one more person, but you don’t want to be one more person, you have to be the one person to them, so try your best every day to communicate with them, know what is going on in their lives, good and bad, and whatever it is that they are going through, try to stand in their shoes and see life the way they see it, because you will only be able to fully lead them once you know who they are.

These are the 7 tips to be a great leader.

Thank you very much for reading this post, I really hope you liked it and that you come back for more!

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Thank you, and till the next one!

- Mario.


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