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7 Reasons To Be A Leader.

Hi, everyone!

In this post I will be talking about the 7 reasons to become a leader, so if you already took notes on the 7 differences between a boss and a leader, know what mistakes to avoid in order to not become a boss, and know what things to start doing in order to be a great leader, and now you just want to make sure that the path to leadership is worth it, keep reading this post and find out.

NUMBER 1: Makes You Human.

The first thing you need to think about when being the head of a team, group or organization is being human, by that I mean being equal to everyone in your team, they need to be able to see you as one more of the team and trust you, so in order to lead properly always be as human as possible. Are you the head? Yes. Should you be a role model? Yes. Are you perfect? Of course not! You are allowed to make mistakes as well, and that also makes you human, it will also put you at the same level as the rest of your team, as long as you are a good enough leader, to learn from that mistake, and not make it again, and while you are at it, help your team to avoiding it as well.

NUMBER 2: Makes You Kind.

When you are a leader, you can’t just be the person in the nice office looking down at the workers as if they were a bunch of ants inside an ant-farm, you need to be able to get out of your space, of your zone, and get down to them, after all you are not better than them for having a better office or a better title, you are just like every single one of them, so never forget it, humbleness if that one key that will open any door you want. Be kind, humble, understanding, and your people will love you, because you give them reasons to do so, and just like that they will happily follow you towards success.

NUMBER 3: Makes You Responsible.

When you are a leader, responsibility is just at another level, you are not responsible for your own work anymore, now your responsibility is everybody else’s job, and because of that you will fall many times, and difficult decisions will have to be made, and it will all be up to you, you call the shots, but don’t see it as more weight over your shoulders, instead see it as a new step to climb, because as long as you are willing to keep moving on, there will always be a new peak to reach, and responsibility is all the gear you need to climb every mountain you ever encounter in life.

NUMBER 4: Makes You Hardworking.

Someone once said that great things, are always the most difficult ones to get, and it is true, Rome wasn’t built in a day, it takes hard work, it takes patience, it takes determination, passion, but there is no better way to be a leader than with hard work. You always see many people, millionaires, politicians, tv, movie, music stars, that in many cases, became what they are because of influences, because of luck, but very few are the ones who go far because of their hard work, determination, and effort, aside from their great abilities, and only those who actually worked for that success, are worthy of being called leaders.

NUMBER 5: Makes You Successful.

It doesn’t matter what is it that you do, anywhere you go, anything do, you will always have the chance to be successful at it, but it takes more than desire. Unless your parents are multimillionaires, and you have no problem with being seen as a useless boy or girl who just happened to be lucky in life by being born in a golden crib, I suggest you take notes on these videos, and become a true leader, only like that, will you become truly successful and all on your own. Anyone can be successful, do not wait for the opportunities to fall down from the sky, because you will die waiting, the idea of having opportunities created for you is lazy, and you will never be truly successful, if you want an opportunity, you gotta make it yourself, that is what a leader does, and that is what will make you successful.

NUMBER 6: Makes You Knowledgeable.

Being a leader also makes you knowledgeable, because you cannot lead without knowing, and you will never know if you are not willing to learn, there is always something new to learn. While working in the car business, I used to get upset very frequently with people who would walk into the dealership, to ask me a bunch of questions only out of curiosity, and then leave, sending me to the end of a 13 people list waiting to take one customer, and a sales manager once told me: “Never get upset because a customer used and abused your time, because that time was never wasted. A customer will always bring you one of two things, knowledge or money, if you didn’t close that sale, there is no money, but you for sure learned from that encounter, even if you don’t know it yet, but eventually you will, and if you closed that sale, then you also got your piece of that pie, but trust me, you never waste your time.” I did not understand what he was saying at that moment, but later on, as I moved on, I started to realize that he was right, I learned a lot about all those people, some encounters taught me how to be tough, some made me a little more empathetic, other more social, others even gave me a few hundred bucks to put in my wallet, but I for sure always got something from each customer, so open your mind, and let everything you see, everything you hear, everyone you meet teach you something new, and once you learn it, make it yours, create your own version of all that, like the great leader you are.

NUMBER 7: Makes You Humble.

Last but not least, there is humility, now, I know I mentioned it in points one and two, but I need to go a little deeper into this one point. When you become a leader, it is because you have passed every single test that life has given you, you have eaten all the dirt that life has served you, and you have learned almost every lesson that life has taught you, you know what it's like to be at the very bottom of the chain, and now you are all the way at the top, but just like in physics, everything that goes up, must go back down, and that also applies to this, so, for this point, more than a reason to be a leader, I will give you one final advice: Never forget where you came from, because the day you do, you will destroy everything you built along your life with sacrifice and dedication, so do not erase with your feet, what you wrote with your hands. Be humble, and you will be a great leader.

These are the 7 reasons to be a leader.

Thank you very much for reading this post, I really hope you liked it and that you come back for more!

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