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7 Differences Between Positive And Negative Peoples.

Hi, everyone!

In this post I will be talking about the 7 differences between positive and negative people, so if you want to know if you are a positive or negative person, or want to know how to differentiate them, keep reading this post and find out.

NUMBER 1: Failure. (Accepting it.)

When we think about Failure we think about it as a terrible thing, maybe even one of the worst things that can ever happen, but it really is not that terrible if you think about it, actually, failure can be very good if you look at it from the correct side. Think about this, when you put all your effort and dedication into something, and at the end fail, you need to remember that even though you were not able to achieve your goal, you had a chance to learn, maybe there is something you did wrong that made you fail, or maybe you forgot to do something that could have helped you make the process easier, whatever the case may be, everything you do, you can always get two things, success, or knowledge, but for sure you will never walk out of any situation with your hands empty. That is a huge difference between negative and positive people. A positive person will be open to learn a new lesson from failure, or gain credit from success, while a negative person will be completely closed to failure, making it impossible for them to learn the lesson that they are being taught by their failure.

NUMBER 2: Mistakes. (Learning from them.)

Nobody is perfect, we make mistakes every single day, and that is okay, you should never be expected to be perfect, because it is humanly impossible to be so, but you need to make sure that you always learn from those mistakes. As I was saying in the previous point, Failure will get to you at some point, and the best thing you can do is accept it because crying for failure will not get you anywhere, but learning from failure, learning from those mistakes will for sure teach how to make things happen successfully next time you try, but again, in order to properly achieve your goals, you have to learn from the mistakes that you have made. Someone who is positive is always ready to learn something new, while a negative person deeply believes that they know everything, and there is nothing else for the to learn, so they don’t.

NUMBER 3: Obstacles. (Going over them.)

In the path to success, there are many obstacles, we always encounter barriers that many time will make us quit, but that is when positivity and negativity kick in. A negative person will try to overcome that obstacle and once it becomes too difficult they will give up and let themselves die by the barrier, and sometimes if the obstacle seems to big, they will not even try to overcome it, while a positive person is able to see through that obstacle keeping their mind on the ultimate goal, making them give everything they have to overcome that obstacle. It is up to each one to decide whether we see the obstacle or whatever is behind it, but know that only seeing through the barriers that we encounter we will find the end of our quest. Remember this phrase: “Go as far as you can see, when you get there, you’ll see further.”

NUMBER 4: Appreciation. (For what you have.)

Another difference between a positive and a negative person is how appreciative they are for what they have. When you are a negative person, you always need more, you are never happy with what you have, and it is never enough for you, but of course, you will never be happy because you will never have more than what you already have because you will not work for it, while a positive person, is happy with the life that they posses, and while they look forward to getting more and better things in life, they do not expect them to come by themselves, because they know nothing in life is free, and something needs to be sacrificed in order to have what you desire, so with a positive mind, they welcome whatever comes their way, and appreciate whatever they have, while they work for a better life.

NUMBER 5: Hard Work.

Effort is a key difference between positive and negative people. As I have been saying in the previous points, A negative person expects things to come by themselves, they don’t like to work for stuff, they give up when challenges get to them, and surely are not looking forward to learning from their mistakes, and that summarizes in one very simple thing called LAZINESS. Negative people are lazy, they don’t like hard work, and I’m not saying positive people like it, but a positive person will work hard for things, no matter how difficult, tiring, or stressful that may be, they will do anything to make it happen successfully, because as I said before, nothing in life is for free, and whatever you do, you always need to do your best, because only from the best you get the best.

NUMBER 6: Change. (Liking it.)

Change is also a big part of our daily life, every single day there is something new to see, something new to do, something new to say, something new to listen to, and something new to become, and changes is great if you see it correctly and take it seriously. Whether the change is from better to worse, it is always good, because it will always give you something in return, but only as long as you accept it with humility. Change always comes to us, sometimes in the shape of a job, or unemployment, or wealth, or maybe a little more control over your wallet, or maybe as health or sickness, but it is always for the better, when you are at your best, and change takes you even higher, that change is maybe giving you a better salary, more free time to spend with your family and friends, and maybe a better life style, but it also brings you responsibility that will make you stronger, and will help you master your skills ever more, maybe that change takes you to the unemployment line, and it may seem like you have never been worse, but think about it this way, there is nothing bellow, all you can do from there is grow, it is an opportunity to start over, avoiding the mistakes from the past, and maybe even doing what you’ve always wanted to do and succeed at it, it is up to you, but if you are looking to be positive accept change and embrace it, because it is always good.

NUMBER 7: Focus. (On good things.)

This may be the last point, but surely not the least important. Both positive and negative people focus on something, but they focus on completely different things. A positive person focuses on the good things, and the blessing, on the success, they focus on the peak of that mountain, they focus on the lessons they will learn, while a negative person will focus on the mistakes they have made, they will focus on the unfortunate events that happen in their lives, and focus on every obstacle they encounter and that is the reason why they will never get over any of that, because they can’t see further, so remember to always focus on the good side of things, sometimes it can be difficult to see that good side, but it is always there, you just need to look for it until you find it, and once you have it, never let it go, because that is the only thing that will keep you moving.

These are the 7 main differences between positive and negative people.

Thank you very much for reading this post, I really hope you liked it and that you come back for more!

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