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7 Common Errors Of Every Negative Person.


Hi, everyone!

In this post I will be talking about 7 common errors of every negative person, so if you want to know what things to be aware of in order to avoid becoming a negative person, keep reading this post and find out.

NUMBER 1: Always seeing defects on others.

Negative people always see defects on others, the reason for this is very simple. We all have defects, we are not perfect, and we will never be, we make mistakes, it is part of our nature, but of course there are some mistakes that are worse than others. A negative person, always see the defects in other people, because they identify these defects since they have them too, but it is always easier to blame others than to fix ourselves. So a negative person, instead of seeing the defects on them and fixing them, they will see those same mistakes on others, bringing negativity to their thoughts, their comments, and their ideas.

NUMBER 2: Always being lazy.

A negative person, is very lazy. Negative people, like things to get done for themselves, because they don’t like to do their own things, they don’t care if they grow or not, as long as they get to do as little work as possible, everything will be fine. They will never get recognized for anything, and are people, that will go through life without being noticed, and without leaving anything behind them, because nobody will ever remember them, because they are not worth remembering, these people spread negativity everywhere, but they wait their entire lives for opportunities to fall down to them from the sky, and realize too late that they wanted their life waiting, instead of creating something of their own.

NUMBER 3: Give up when encountering obstacles.

When an obstacle is encountered, it’s in our nature to start doubting whether we have the ability to overcome it, or not, but a negative person will not only question their abilities, but also give up at the end, because their doubts make them believe that they are not good enough to overcome that obstacle. Negative people, tend to consider themselves way smaller than what they really are, and that brings their self esteem down, making them believe that they will never be able to do anything big with their lives, so when encountering an obstacle, in their eyes, it always seems too tall for them.

NUMBER 4: Blame others for their mistakes.

As I was saying in point 1, we all make mistakes, and there is nothing wrong with it, as long as we have the ability to face those mistakes, learn from them, and never make them again, but in the eyes of a negative person, that seems to be a lot of work, so they believe that the best and easiest thing to do when a mistake is made, is to blame someone else for it, getting out of the problem with no consequences, and leaving somebody else to fix it for them, but of course, after the issue has been resolved, they will take the credit for that, since the problem belonged to them initially.

NUMBER 5: Never appreciating what they have.

Negative people always complain about everything, they complain about their job, about their family, about their friends, about their food, about their clothes, their hobbies, and the opportunities they have been given in life, no matter how blessed they have been, there is always something for them to complain for. They are never happy with anything, everything is bad, everything is unfair, everything is wrong, everything is useless. And while we have the right and the duty to speak out and complain about the things that hurt us, we are also required to find a solution for these issues, so if you plan to complain, you better be ready to propose a solution for that issue that you are complaining about, otherwise, just shut up, and move on with your life.

NUMBER 6: Hate Changes.

Change is part of our lives. Everything changes everyday, we are constantly changing, we get older, we discover new things, we accomplish new tasks, and set new goals, and change is great, because with change, comes knowledge, opportunity, and experience, but change can be scary at times, because we never know what is going to happen, we know things will change, but we never know how, and that can be terrifying, but that is when we need to stand up and face change and do our best to embrace it, adapt to it, because whether we like or not, it will happen, but the laziness, the lack of appreciation, and the lack of strength when encountering obstacles, make negative people even more afraid of changes, because they always see changes as a way to start over and why would a lazy person, want to start over after they already have ever done?

NUMBER 7: Always See The Black Spot On The White Paper.

Negative people, always see the black spot on the white paper. Everything around them is great, they have the job they have always wanted, they have a beautiful family, a beautiful home, they get to go on vacation to wherever they want to go, and everything is always great, but somehow they always manage to find something to complain about, because like I was saying in point 5, negative people never appreciate what they have, there is always something wrong with everything they see, they hear, they say, or they have. ALWAYS!

These were the 7 common errors of every negative person.

Thank you very much for reading this post, I really hope you liked it and that you come back for more!

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Thank you, and till the next one!

- Mario.


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