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7 Common Errors of Every Boss.

Updated: Mar 18

Hi, everyone!

In this post I will be talking about the 7 common errors of every boss, so if you want to know what things to be aware of to avoid becoming a boss, keep reading this post and find out.

In the last two articles, we went over the main differences of a boss and a leader, and my 7 tips to be a great leader, but one thing is missing there in order to become a true leader, and that is to know everything about a boss, what are the common errors of every boss, so that you are able to avoid making them, so let's begin.

NUMBER 1: Arrogant.

A boss will always be arrogant at some point, this is due to an ego issue that they have because of the position or rank they hold. They are constantly talking of how many years they have been in the business, and who did they meet during that time, and how did they become what they are today, kind of like telling others, “I am great because I had a great life and met great people, and you didn’t, but don’t worry cause now you met me”. Pretty arrogant… A person who does this, is not a person who deserves any kind of credit, because to me, that person also gets the credit they deserve from themselves, they don’t need credit from anybody else.

NUMBER 2: Superior.

With arrogance comes superiority, which is a complex disorder known as the Napoleon Complex. This disorder, is the reason for many people in high positions to be extremely ambitious, to the point that it can get dangerous to others, either, mentally, physically of both. A person that is so ambitious will do anything to go as high as possible, and if there is nothing higher to be, they will create it just for them, causing a huge mess in the levels below by changing the rules of game completely, but just for as long as they are able to hold that higher rank, building insecurity, fear, extreme humility, and an unjust environment for those who are bellow.

NUMBER 3: Offensive.

Bosses, are most of the times, people who have never been properly educated, and by that I don’t mean school, I mean they have never been properly educated as a human being. They have never been taught that no matter how much money you have in your bank account, how many diplomas do you have hanging on your wall, or how many high level positions you have held in your life, you are not more or less that anybody else, so because of this, when they get to a higher position, they look down from the top on those at the bottom, instead of going to the bottom, to look at them from their same level. Because of this, a boss tends to use obscene language towards their subordinates, sometimes when a mistake is made, even insult them or threaten them to end their contract or request a transfer to a different location or department, which can very easily cause emotional distress on the subordinate.

NUMBER 4: Unfair.

This happens every single day everywhere. Do you remember what I said, in the 7 main differences between a boss and a leader: “Fairness is all about getting what you deserve after working hard for it, and whether you succeeded or not, you should always get credit for an outstanding performance, as well as getting the same opportunities as anyone else to grow within a team based on your overall performance on your job”? well, a boss will not give you that credit, and will for sure not have in mind how hard you worked for something, if at the end you failed to make it happen. You have to remember that a boss, takes your credit for themselves, and they will do anything in order to keep that credit untouched, because they believe, that the undeserved credit that they have is the only thing that will ever take them higher than what they already are, and that could never be more wrong, because influences have limits, they all have a point where they are useless, usually because they have been used so much, that they burned out, so always be fair, give credit to whoever deserves it when they deserve it, and let them grow, because someday they might have a higher position than yours, and that might be your only way up, so instead of burning influences, build them and multiply them.

NUMBER 5: Bad Listener.

Most of the times, a boss, will not know how to listen, they always have the absolute truth, and whatever you say doesn’t matter to them, they know what they need to know, and to them that is way more than enough, so when you get into an argument with them, you will be constantly interrupted, because again, they don’t care about anything that you have to say, they know what they know, and they have the power, so they believe that whatever they say about you, their word will weight more than yours, and that is just a big mistake.

You have probably heard before that every story has two versions, I always like to say that every story is like the number 6 and the number 9, if you write down in a piece of paper the number 6 and sit someone in front of you, and ask them what they see, they will tell you that they see a 9, and the fact that what they say is different to what you say, does not mean that one of you is wrong, because the absolute truth does not exist, truth varies, depending on the point of view, but that is something that a boss just can’t understand, so remember this, whatever you say, whatever you think, whatever you feel, whatever you know, it doesn’t matter if you are working for a boss, because you are working for a bad listener.

NUMBER 6: Know It All.

As I was saying in the last point, a boss always knows the answer and they do not care about anything you have to say, and not only does than make them bad listeners, but also huge know it alls. But that is just what they are, after all they do know it all according to them.

Notice that when you ask something whether it is to them or somebody else they always end up giving an answer, no matter how unreasonable or dumb that answer may be. They also try to explain the reason why they know the answer to that question, and many more.

NUMBER 7: Selfish.

Bosses are also very selfish, they always think about themselves and how to satisfy their needs, they don’t care about anybody standing in their way, or anybody who might be affected by their way to get what they want. They only approve whatever is convenient to them, and if it isn’t, you can be asking for a pay rise because you are starving, but if helping you, means losing something or at least not gaining anything, then they will not help you, because they just don’t find it convenient, and that is why you should never be selfish, be a leader by being considerate, humane, and empathetic, otherwise you will only be an arrogant, selfish boss.

These are the 7 common errors of every boss.

Thank you very much for reading this post, I really hope you liked it and that you come back for more!

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Thank you, and till the next one!

- Mario.

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